Search for the next/previous word in cursor

To search forward for the next word similar to the one in the cursor, use * (asterisk). To search backward, use # (octothorp).

Word completion on words that exist on the file

To auto-complete similar words in the file, use ctrl-n or ctrl-p.

Repeat the previous changes made

In this example, I replaced the * with a - for the bullet using the key combinations r-. The succeeding replacements were done by just pressing . (dot).

Jump to the opening/closing brackets

With the cursor either on the opening or closing bracket, press %. Works on opening/closing parentheses or braces too.

Indent a line

To indent a line of, say, code, just press ==.

Incremental search

To search incrementally, you must first enable the feature. Type :set incsearch while on command mode.

Highlight search

Enable this feature first in order to get a highlighted search. Type :set hlsearch while in command mode.

To disable highlight search, type :nohlsearch while in command mode.